Hola! Soy Dora.

Join me in exploring the amazing Base chain! Can you say Base chain?

From animated adventures to the bustling Base blockchain, join me, Dora, as we seek hidden treasures within the based universe.

Dora Games

Onboarding the next-gen onchain has never been this fun!

Check out our games and kickoff your Base chain adventure.

More adventures coming soon!


Total Supply

10 Billion $DORA tokens

99% Supply added to Liquidity

Fully Community-Owned

Are you part of our community?

0.1% Tax

Barely anything

(especially next to the typical 3-7% swiped by other projects)

LP Tokens Burnt

No swiping! -explore- 🔥

Ownership Renounced

We did it! -explore- 🔒

Do you know which chain we are on?


we are on the BASE chain, the playground for top meme coins!

Let’s Go, Amigos! Set your compass to $DORA and let’s find our fortunes on the Base chain!

contract address:


Dora is



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and keep exploring with me, Dora!

Disclaimer: $DORA is an independently created meme coin, not affiliated with or endorsed by the cartoon "Dora the Explorer" or its creators. The token is inspired by a character that many people recognize and appreciate but operates in a completely separate and unrelated context.

$DORA is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. This token is fully community-owned and operated, there is no formal team or roadmap. This token is for entertainment only and should not be considered as an investment, currency, or anything of value.

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